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It’s a bit hard for me to maintenance the site at this point of the year and also there are no Shelley Hennig news but I didn’t forget about Shelley’s birthday coming in January. Check it out, I prepared the second birthday project so if you want to leave Shelley a lovely birthday message visit:

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The first episode names from Shelley’s new project: Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous has been added on IMDb. I cannot wait untill it premieres. Check out some of the episodes below:

S01E01 – Pilot
S01E03 – Zach Stone Is Gonna Get a Makeover
S01E05 – Zach Stone Is Gonna Get Wild
S01E06 – Celebrity Chef
S01E07 – The Zachelor
S01E12 – Finale

As you can see above, the show is going to have twelve episodes for it’s first season.

I added high quality screencaptures of the last episode of season one of The Secret Circle “Family”.

Gallery Link:
Television > The Secret Circle (as Diana Meade) > Season 1 > Screencaptures > 22 – Family

This appearances pictures are from 23 June but we didn’t had them into our gallery and they were a bit hard to find. Check out how beautiful Shelley looks attending the Daytime Emmy Awards Gift Suite.

Gallery Link:
Appearances > 2012 > 23.06 – Attends the Daytime Emmy Gift Suite

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I have actually added these pictures for quite a while but I have never posted about them. Enjoy! I am also apologizing for not updating the site as much as I used to do. There are no Shelley news at the moment but as soon as something new will come out I will make sure I will update.

Gallery Links:
Misc. > Fan Pictures
Misc. > Twitter Photos
Misc. > Personal Photos

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Here are two photos of Shelley Hennig behind the scenes of her new serial Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. She looks so gorgeous as a cheerleader. Credit to the pictures goes to Shelley Hennig World Community on
Update: It seems like theese pictures are not from the set of Zach Stone and they are a bit older. I’ve modified a bit the gallery and now you can find them under Personal Photos.

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Check out the media section from our site because I’ve added few wallpapers with Shelley and our icon archive has a new look and also lots of new icons! Check below some of them:

Media Vault
Icon Archive

As I announced here (new project) Shelley hennig has been officially casted Christy – the cute girl next door in the upcoming MTV’s comedy series Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.
The show is most likely to air on MTV next year.

(source )

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I actually can’t belive that a year already passed since has been opened and supporting our lovely Shelley since then! Thank you for a million times to: every poeple who visited this fansite this year, every little follower from our twitter and to every people who hitted like on our facebook fanpage and every little loving and supporting fan of Shelley’s!

Also, I’m not forgetting to thank Shelley Hennig for being a major inspiration to me and everyone else out there.